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Glass Cut & Delivery Service

We can advise on, source, cut, customise and deliver glass for virtually any commercial or domestic project.

We have 30 years of experience in designing, customising and delivering cut glass products for a wide range of different building and renovation projects, and will be happy to share our expertise with you.
The following are just a few of the most common types of cut glass we work with. Please enquire if you’re looking for something in particular!

Clear Toughened Glass
The most common type of glass used in commercial and domestic building projects recently, we interact with clear toughened glass every day. It is strong, full transparency, and is a very durable product with a great deal of versatility.
Low Iron/Crystal Clear Glass
Low-Iron glass is ideal for getting that crucial ‘wow factor’. Its virtually iron-free composition makes it much less green than standard toughened glass. It really is stunning when polished!.
Laminated Glass
An alternative to toughened glass: Laminated glass products are effectively two or more thin panes of glass welded together with clear PVB, which adds strength and shatter resistance without detracting from clarity or imparting colour.
Mirrored Glass
Glass with silver, grey or bronze tone mirroring provides a stronger and much more attractive surface than acrylic and other competing mirrored materials. It also looks incredibly impressive with polished, bevelled edges, or other customised effects.
Acid Etched/Satin Glass
Acid Etching generated a ‘frosted’ or ‘misted’ finish that is opaque but translucent. This makes it an excellent choice for privacy glass, but also gives a beautiful effect in other contexts.
Frosted/Sandblasted Glass
Sandblasting is a similar ‘frosted’ effect to acid etching, but the surface has a deeper texture. It is seen by many as more versatile than etched glass, but is equally attractive.
Tinted Glass
This is a standard glass product with a tint added chemically during manufacture. This can be used to filter or mitigate sunlight, or to provide an artistic effect. Many tints and tones are available.
Coloured Glass/Back Painted Glass
This is a glass product with paint applied to one side, typically mounted glass-side out. Common for back splashes and table tops, it can also be used for wall cladding or turned to a thousand other decorative purposes.

Help & Advice

We have worked on 100s of small and large commercial projects including film industry, shopping centres and offices. Using our knowledge, experience and flexible approach we can offer you the most suitable products for your exact requirements.

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